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Every MEF-supported expedition is required to submit a report to the foundation. We have archived these reports so that they can be of use in research and the planning of future expeditions. Listed below are summary pages for every expedition that the MEF has supported with links to their complete expedition reports. Expeditions can be refined by geographical area and purpose, browsed using the map below or searched using the search box.

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Twin Gardens Ethiopia 2006

Ref: 06/33
July - August 2006
Giovanni Chiodi with Andrew Burns, Laura Evenstar and Brigid LeFevre
This was a multi-discipline scientific expedition to the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia by a tri-national team based in the University of Aberdeen. The mountains lie to the east of the Great Rift valley a Read more

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British Nampula Towers - Mozambique 2001

Ref: 01/29
July 2001
Dave Turnbull with Ben Bransby, Andy Donson, Leo Houlding and Pete Robbins plus five South African climbers
No previous visits to Mozambique by British climbers are known. 300km east of the southern tip of Lake Malawi in the north of the country lies Nampula Province, which boasts a number of unclimbed gran Read more

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Poi North Face

Ref: 00/05
February 2000
John Barry with Pat Littlejohn, Jan Rowe and Steve Sustad
This team attempted the Yosemite-like unclimbed 760m N Face of Mount Poi (the 'Ayers Rock' of Kenya, situated in the Ndoto Mountains several hundred kilometres N of Nairobi) in February 1999, but inju Read more

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Welsh Big Wall Madagascar

Ref: 99/35
September 1999
Mike Turner with Grant Farquar, Steve Mayers and Louise Thomas
This would appear to be the first application that the MEF has ever received for an expedition to Madagascar, whose mountains, whilst not particularly 'high', are largely unexplored. In particular, th Read more

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Royal Navy/Royal Marines Mountaineering Club Joint East Africa Expedition

Ref: 87/05
January - February 1987
S K Jackson and team
Most of this large group of 22 succeeded in climbing Nelion of Mt Kenya by the normal route. Some teams did more difficult routes, including the Diamond Couloir and the Ice Window. Others climbed glac Read more

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Manchester University Expedition to Shira Plateau

Ref: 86/41
June - August 1986
Stephen Garrett with Simon Pickles
This party conducted botanical fieldwork (distribution of giant groundsel - Dendrosenecio Johnstonii - and regeneration of Phillipia Trinera after burning), collected small mammals and made a census o Read more

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Imperial College Ruwenzori Expedition

Ref: 85/17
July - August 1985
Neil Hodgson with Franco Turrinelli, Neil Travers, Gavin Douglas, Ian Bobby, Jeremy Lay and Xelia Bull
As the E side of the Ruwenzori massif had been occupied by Museveni's National Resistance Guerrillas, this party had to abandon their plans for Ruwenzori. They substituted a visit to Mount Kenya on wh Read more

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Peter Thexton Memorial Expedition to Mt Kenya

Ref: 85/24
July 1985
Chris Mclean with Andy Black, Richard Jones, Ceri Davis, Nigel Ball and Richard Pullinger
In addition to making several difficult ascents in good ice conditions on the S face of Mt Kenya (Diamond Glacier-Ice Window and S face direct), this 11- man team completed a scientific project into m Read more

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Cambridge Mount Kenya Afro-Alpine Expedition

Ref: 84/26
July - September 1984
Jacqueline Crane
Basing themselves in the Teleki Valley, this undergraduate team from Girton College, discovering that there were no melt-water streams on the Lewis Glacier, altered their objective to the channel morp Read more

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The Cambridge Mount Kenya Expedition

Ref: 80/04
July - August 1980
The Cambridge Mount Kenya Expedition made field observations in the Afro-Alpine belt of Mount Kenya, with particular reference to the relationship between the micro-climate and the unusual vegetation, Read more