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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Medical Sentinel 2007

Ref: 07/09
January 2007
Surg Cdr Adrian Mellor, FIt Lt Jemma Austin, SSgt Jason Beckett, Flt Lt Ani Cherian, Maj Tim Hooper, Capt Stevan Jackson, Cdr Stuart Jackson, LMT Baz Lawrence, LNN Cheryl Lindup, POPTI Dave Murphy, Capt Chrissy Shorrocks, Wg Cdr Steve Swindells, LNN Jason Taylor, Capt Harry Vincent, LNN Robert Wakeford & Maj Hatty Wells
<p>This mixed tri-service party with widely varying mountaineering experience undertook an expedition to Argentina to carry out a programme of research into the medical effects of altitude in collabor Read more
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British Graham Land 2007

Ref: 07/04
January - February 2007
Paul Josse, Steve Brown, Mark Davidson, Mike Winters, John Venier & Terje Lokken
<p>This was a combined sailing and mountaineering expedition, which used Pelagic (under Alec Hazell) to sail from Punta Williams in Chile to Graham Land in the Antarctic Peninsula, where they aimed to Read more
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British Lowell Glacier

April - May 2007
Simon Richardson & David Hesleden
<p>As in other areas, most expeditions to the St Elias Range of Canada's Yukon have focused on the higher peaks, with the Lowell glacier receiving little attention, so this team decided there would be Read more
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Scottish Dan Beard

April 2007
Vivian Scott & Gareth Hughes
<p>Mt Dan Beard (3,l25m) is one of the less popular mountains to the north of Ruth Gorge, and this pair hoped to make the first ascent of its east face. They succeeded in reaching the summit by a rout Read more
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British-Irish Ruth Gorge 2007

March - April 2007
Oliver Metherell & James Mehigan
<p>This pair originally had designs on the east face of Mt Wake (2,755m) and possibly the London/Werewolf Towers (c2,250m). However, on arrival in the area, they found that their approach to Wake was Read more
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Elbrus Dragon 2008

Ref: 08/12
July - August 2008
Nick Cochand, Sabina Aziz, Prof Damian Bailey, Jon Bailey, Sarah Buszard, Peter Davies, Kevin Evans, Rhodri Evans, Sam Harrison, Ian Lane, Sile Murphy, Jamie Naughton, Jo Organ, Alex Patau, Caroline Taylor, Cicely Warren, Ross Whitehead, Mike Wild & Dr Richard Wise
<p>This was a group of healthy volunteers from Swansea and Cardiff universities (including doctors and medical students) who planned to undergo simple non-invasive tests before, during and after an as Read more
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Oxford University Tien Shan 2008

Ref: 08/20
August - September 2008
Ben Sutton, David Jorden, Chris Lloyd, George Margerison & Tom Sutherland
<p>This team planned to explore and make alpine-style ascents from the Cholokkanchigai valley in the south-east corner of the Borkoldoy range, but when they arrived in Kyrgyzstan, they discovered that Read more
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Eagle Ski Club Ak-Shirak

Ref: 08/09A
April - May 2008
Dave Wynne-Jones, Derek Buckle, Jerry Seager, Mike Sharp & Robert West
<p>After planning an expedition to the Kangri Garpo range of Tibet, this team was able to switch to an alternative venue in Kyrgyzstan when much of Tibet was closed early in 2008. The new plan was to Read more
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New Zealand Harturtay

Ref: 08/04
June - August 2008
Paul Hersey, Graham Zimmerman & Yewjin Tan
<p>These strong technical climbers planned to make the first attempt on the steep west face of Harturtay (5,127m) in the Schurovkovo Valley in SW Kyrgyzstan. However, when they saw the face for themse Read more
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British Hispar Sar 2008

Ref: 08/29
September - October 2008
Rufus Duits (solo)
<p>Although subject to several earlier attempts, Hispar Sar (c6,400m) remains unclimbed, but this man hoped to make its first ascent climbing solo via the south-west face couloir line attempted by Par Read more