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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Gulmit Tower Expedition

Ref: 16/24
June 2016
Peter Thompson and Aiden Laffey
An attempted first ascent of the Gulmit Tower (5801m) in the Hunza region of Pakistan, by the East Face and Southeast Ridge. The approach was by road from Gilgit to Gulmit village, with a base camp... Read more
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Tangra Tower

Ref: 15/29
September - October 2015
James Monypenny and Max Fisher
An attempt on the unclimbed Tangra Tower (5620m) in the Khane valley, Pakistan Karakorum. They travelled by road from Delhi to Skardu, where they purchased supplies, and set up their base camp in... Read more
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K6 Central

Ref: 15/33
July - August 2015
Graham Zimmerman, Scott Bennett and Steven Swenson
An attempt on the South Face of K6 in the Pakistan Karakorum. The early part of the expedition had bad weather, but they used the time to establish an Advanced Base Camp on the far side of ‘Hidden... Read more
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Ogre North Face

Ref: 15/13
June - July 2015
Bruce Normand, Marcos Costa, Jesse Mease, and Billy Pearson
The team started with acclimatisation climbs on peaks of 6100m and 6400m. The first attempt on by the full team was abandoned at 5900m because of heavy daytime rockfall. A second attempt was made by... Read more
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Ref: 15/15
June - July 2015
Pete Thompson, Phil De Berger, and Aiden Laffey
The first ascents of one or more peaks of around 6000m above the Virjerab Glacier in the Pakistan Karakorum. The team trekked to base camp from Shimshal village. Thompson and DeBerger attempted a... Read more
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The Karakorum Anomaly Project

Ref: 15/27
June – September 2015
Sergiu Jiduc, Forster Oliver James, and Taylor Timothy
Glaciers in most regions of the world are in retreat, but in the Karakorum they seem to be stagnating or even growing, a phenomenon termed the Karakorum Anomaly. The KA is increasing the region’s... Read more
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Muchu Chhish

Ref: 14/21
August - September 2014
Pete Thompson, Tim Oates, and Phil De-Beger
Muchu Chhish is one of a number of 7000m peaks on a high ridge known as the Batura Wall in the Batura Mustagh, the western-most part of the Karakorum. The intention was to follow the Polish route up... Read more
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Link Sar

Ref: 14/29
July - August 2014
Jonathan Griffith and Kevin Mahoney
The objective was the first ascent of Link Sar (7041m) in the Charakusa Valley, a peak attempted in two previous expeditions by Griffith. The approach was by air to Skardu, road to Hushe, and a two... Read more
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Hindu Kush

Ref: 14/08
June - July 2014
Pat Deavoll and Chris Todd
Objectives were first ascents of Langua-tai-Barfi (7011m) and the SE Face of Shakawr (7076m) in the Hindu Kush of North West Pakistan. The approach was by a two day walk-in from the road head at... Read more
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British Tahu Ratum

Ref: 10/08
July - August 2010
Luke Hunt with Hamish Dunn and Tom Ripley (plus Holly Mumford to Base Camp)
For their first venture into the Greater Ranges this young team chose an area north of the Hispar Glacier with the intention of making first ascents of routes in the Khurdopin Group, in particular... Read more