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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Map of  Kyrgyzstan


Ref: 14/24
September - October 2014
Emily Ward, Dave Searle, Libby Southgate, Emma Crome, Cora Moffat, Sam Simpson, James Matthews, Joel Evans, and Simon Tracey
The main objective was an unclimbed peak of 5611m to the north of Pik Byeliy in the Westerm Kok-Shal Too in Kyrgyzstan. Also a number of peaks, believed unclimbed, along the southern boundary of the... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Little Poobah

Ref: 14/13
August 2014
Adrian Dye, Scott Gillespie, Ian Peachey, Robert Middleton, Hannah Moulton and Huw Goodall
Objectives to explore the Fersmana Valley area on the east side of the Western Kokshal-Too in Kyrgyzstan, focusing on new alpine rock routes on the faces either side of the Fersmana Valley, and the... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Demar Djangart

Ref: 14/14
August 2014
Jamie Goodhart, Stuart Worsfold, Stuart Lade, Jill Plummer, Paul Padman, Liz Holley, Zoe Strong, Max Streeton and Alex Reed
Objectives were the ascent of unclimbed peaks in a remote area of the Djangart Mountains, and an attempt on the North Ridge of Khan Tengri. Because of the remoteness of the area the team were flown... Read more
Map of  Tajikistan


Ref: 14/18
July - August 2014
Rebecca Coles, Simon Verspeak, Rhys Huws, and John Vincent
An attempt on an unnamed and unclimbed peak of c6123m in the Muzkol Valley in the Tajikistan Pamirs. The peak had been attempted previously by Rebecca Coles in 2011, but they failed because of... Read more
Map of  Uzbekistan


Ref: 14/23
July - August 2014
Edward Lemon, John Proctor, and Martin Jones
The original objective had been the North Face of Muz Tok, an unclimbed 5000m peak in the Jiptik valley, Batken, Kyrgyzstan. This had to be changed as it involved an approach through the Tajikistani... Read more
Map of  Tajikistan


Ref: 14/02
April - May 2014
Susanna Walker, Phillip Mark Thomas, Richard Jones, and Tom Coney
Objectives were to climb and ski unexplored peaks of 5000-6000m in the Vanj Range in Pamirs. From Dushanbe travel to Poi Mazor was by 4×4, and from there to the RGS Glacier by Russian military... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Tien Shan

Ref: 12/07
August - September 2012
Conor Gilmour & Rónán Kernan (both Irish), Azwan Isa & Bradley Morrell (British) and Alek Zholobenko & Vladimir Zholobenko (British/Russian)
This multi-national team planned to climb new routes on peaks surrounding the little visited Dzhirnagaktu Glacier in the Western Kokshaal-too. They successfully climbed eleven routes, two of them... Read more
Map of  Afghanistan

Wakhan Corridor

Ref: 12/15
July - August 2012
Pat Deavoll with Bill Byrch & Maryrose Fowlie
Following her success in the Wakhan in 2011, this very experienced leader was keen to return to climb some peaks from the Upper Qala Panja Glacier. In particular she hoped to climb the West face of... Read more
Map of  Kyrgyzstan

Tien Shan

Ref: 12/16
July - August 2012
Dave Farrow with Michael Fordham, Matthew Graham, Bethan Gudgeon, Joe Hobbs, Doug Hull, Joe Smith and Tom Wright
This team of students looking for somewhere ‘more remote and exciting than the Alps’ selected the head of the Shamsi Tuyuk valley (close to the Ala-Archa area of the Kirgyz Ala-Too Range).as the... Read more
Map of  Afghanistan

Hindu Kush

Ref: 12/01
January 2012
James Bingham with Eddie Bingham, Quentin Brooksbank and Mark Wynne
Mir Samir is a 6059m peak on the Afghan border with Nuristan that Eric Newby and his companion (both inexperienced mountaineers) set out to climb in 1956, a trip described in ‘A Short Walk in the... Read more