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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Chiling II North Face Expedition

Ref: 18/21
June - July 2018
Alex Mathie and Matthew Harle
<p>The team had the single aim of climbing Chiling II’s unclimbed North Face. After a two day car journey from Leh and a further day accessing Advanced base camp, they made an early reconnaissance and Read more
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Broad Peak Expedition

Ref: 18/05
June - July 2018
Sandy Allan, Rick Allen, Kacper Tekieli and Stanislav Vrba
<p>Following a 9 day approach, the team aimed to complete one of their two expedition objectives; either a new unclimbed line on the very steep and technical SW face of the central summit, or an attem Read more
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Supraglacial Rock Avalanches

June - July 2018
William Smith, Stuart Dunning and Richard Smith
<p>As part of William Smith’s PhD, the team travelled to Alaska in order to investigate further how meltwater created during debris deposition on to glaciers effects the glacier’s bio Read more
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British Janhukot Expeditio

Ref: 18/16B
May - June 2018
Malcolm Bass, Paul Figg, Guy Buckingham and Hamish Frost
<p>Drawing on the previous experience that Bass had on the peak, the team’s objective was to make a first ascent of Janhukot (6805m) which had first been written about as far back as Read more
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Ultar Expedition

Ref: 18/25
May - June 2018
Bruce Normand, Tim Miller and Christian Huber
<p>Arriving in late May, the team began by acclimatising on Muchuar Glacier and Batokshi Peak during the first ten days. Their main objective was to make the first ascent of the South East Pillar rout Read more
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British Yukon Spring Expedition

May 2018
Jonathan Wakefield and Glenn Wilks
<p>After previously attempting to access the area around Mount Upton in 2011 and 2014, the team successfully reached the Kluane icefield in 2018 to attempt a number of first ascents. After a day explo Read more
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Moskus Expedition

Ref: 18/23
April – May 2018
Matthew Hay and Louis Chartres
<p>The dual approach of this expedition aimed to make first ascents of two unclimbed peaks whilst also conducting climate change research on the Roslin Glacier. Over 10 days they made the initial appr Read more
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Glaciological Modeling Khumbu Glacier

Ref: 18/17
April - May 2018
Dr Martin Kirkbride, Dr Ann Rowan, Dr Duncan Quincey, Dr Evan Miles, Prof Bryn Hubbard, Josephine Hornsey and Katie Miles
<p>The team from University of Dundee travelled to Khumbu to undertake data collection that could support theories of glaciological modeling produced by Dr Rowan. The data they collected included debr Read more
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Dye-tracing on Khumbu Glacier

Ref: 18/02
April - May 2018
Aberystwyth University
<p>Whilst glacial debris, supraglacial (surface) ponds, and bare-ice ice cliffs have all been relatively well studied in relation to meltwater flow on glaciers, less is know about how the meltwater is Read more
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Greenland North Liverpool Land Expedition

Ref: 18/14
April - May 2018
Simon Richardson, James Gregson, Sandra Gregson, Ingrid Baber, Mark Robson and Ron Kenyon
<p>In a highly prolific expedition the team climbed eight new routes and summited eleven new peaks from the Neild Bugt Glacier. They found conditions to initially be far colder and under greater snowf Read more