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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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British Zhopu 2007

Ref: 07/31
April - May 2007
David Gerrard & Dave Sykes
<p>These climbers - aided by Zheng Lin ('Lenny') Chen, a well known local 'travel consultant' who proved to be an excellent companion - visited the Zhopu Pasture area in Tibet's Shaluli-Shan range wit Read more
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British Yangmolong 2007

Ref: 07/22A
October 2007
Dave Wynne-Jones, Steve Hunt, Dick Isherwood & Peter Rowat.
<p>Yangmolong (6,066m) is one of the few remaining unclirnbed 6,000m peaks in Sichuan, and only appears to have had one previous 'official' attempt. To acclimatise, this team made the first ascent of Read more
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British Manamcho 2007

Ref: 07/05
April - May 2007
Mick Fowler, Steve Burns, lan Cartwright & Paul Ramsden
<p>During his expedition to Kajaqiao in 2005 (MEF Ref 05/17) Fowler discovered that the name had originally been attributed to a very shapely peak to its south whose true name was Manamcho (6,264m): T Read more
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Kanti Himal

Ref: 07/02A
September - October 2007
Julian Freeman-Attwood, Nick Colton, Luke Hughes & Phil Wickens
<p>When permission for his intended 'McMahon Line 2007 Expedition' (MEFRef 07/02) was withdrawn due to internal political problems less than a week before departure, with no alternative Tibetan peak o Read more
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Caudwell Xtreme Everest

Ref: 07/01
March - June 2007
Dr Mike Grocott with Summit Climbing Team: Dr Sundeep Dhillon, Patrick Doyle, Paul Gunning, Nigel Hart, Chris Imray, Daniel Martin, Dr Roger McMorrow, Mick O'Dwyer & Dr Jeremy Windsor plus Support Climbing Team: Vijay Ahuja, Maryam Koshravi, Dr Denny Levett, Paul Richards & Andre Vercueil plus Climbing Filming Team: Michael (Charlie) Brown, Graham Hoyland, David Rasmussen & Jack Tankard plus Camp 2 Support: Simon Lowe & Araceli Seagara, plus 200 'volunteers'
<p>This was a complex medical research expedition studying the effects of altitude on the human body, in particular on the level of oxygen in arterial blood. More than 200 subjects were studied at a r Read more
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British Sikkim 2007

Ref: 07/41
November 2007
Roger Payne & Julie-Ann Clyma
<p>Persistence eventually paid off for this pair when they at last received permission to climb in north Sikkim, although not on Gurodongmar, at 6,7l5m the highest peak in the area and their hoped-for Read more
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2007 Kharchakund

Ref: 07/40A
September - October 2007
Pat Deavoll, Bruce Normand, Paul and Shelley Hersey
<p>Although Deavoll and Normand originally planned to make another attempt on Jankuth (6,805m) at the head of the Gangotri glacier, the Uttaranchal state government refused a permit. However, they wer Read more
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Kalanka North Face 2007

Ref: 07/15
August - September 2007
Nick Bullock & Kenton Cool
<p>Although several teams have tried to climb the north face of Kalanka (6,931m), so far only one, from Czechoslovakia, has been successful, and that was with the aid of fixed ropes. As the face is co Read more
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New Zealand Himalaya Alpine Style

Ref: 07/12
August - October 2007
Brian Alder, Marty Beare, Kester Brown, Craig Jefferies & Adam Darragh
<p>These climbers attempted two new routes on Changabang (6,864m) in the Kumaon Himalaya. Brown and Jefferies attempted the north face and Alder, Beare and Darragh the west ridge, both groups operatin Read more
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East Greenland (Sortebrae) 2007

Ref: 07/30
June 2007
David Jakulis, Andy Garman, Alasdair Garnett, Rob Green, Clare O'Sullivan, Jonathan Philips, Tracey Quine & Malcolm Sloan.
<p>There have been very few previous visits to Sortebrae by climbers, so this team felt that it would be a good area for an exploratory expedition with the opportunity to make some first ascents. Howe Read more