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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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British Kangchung Expedition

Ref: 19/11
October - November 2019
Paul Ramsden and Jim Hall
<p>The team had two objectives on the north faces of Kangchung Shar and Kangchung Nup, both of which have seen previous ascents via their south faces. Flying first from Kathmandu to Lukla, they then h Read more
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British Ardang Expedition

Ref: 19/38
October - December 2019
Emily Ward and Mark Bielby
<p>After waiting out a few days' storm at their first planned objective on peaks south of Nying Khola, the team ultimately decided to move on rather than wait for more settled weather. They hiked over Read more
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British Rolwaling Expedition

Ref: 19/37
November 2019
Ken Hopper, Simon Tietjen, Connor Holdsworth, Rich Lade and Will Rowland
<p>During November, a British expedition travelled to the Rolwaling Himalaya where they established basecamp on the Ripimoshar Glacier. Their primary intention was a new route on Drangnag Ri. Followin Read more
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Himal Chuli Glacier, Manaslu Expedition

Ref: 19/02
September 2019
Anne Stefaniak, Benjamin Robson and Asha Rai
<p>The scientifically-focused expedition planned to test a number of theories on the formation of supraglacial ponds on the Himal Chuli glacier. During September the expedition departed for Manaslu fr Read more
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British Chombu Expedition

Ref: 19/01
April 2019
Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders
<p>The objective of the expedition was to make the first ascent of Chombu (6,362m) in north Sikkim. Negotiating the closely controlled access to Sikkim, the two climbers obtained permission to make an Read more
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Izvor Licanke Cave Diving

Ref: 19/40
June 2019
Christine Grosart, Richard Walker, Rick Van Dijk, Ash Hiscock, Mark Burkey, Roberto Varesko, Rita Mallinson Cookson and Jessica Burkey
<p>Successive expeditions have expanded the mapping for the Izvor Licanke cave network since the first expedition travelled to the cave in 1992. This expedition, which is in its fifth year of explorat Read more
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Mulu 2019 Expedition

Ref: 19/42
April - May 2019
Andy Eavis, Ben Kent et al.
<p>Following continued exploration of the Mulu Caves over many years, the primary aim for the Mulu 2019 expedition was to further explore the system and connect a number of caves in the Southern penin Read more
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Link Sar

Ref: 19/16
July - August 2019
Graham Zimmerman, Chris Wright, Steven Swenson and Mark Richey
<p>This international team from New Zealand, the UK and USA travelled to the Kondus Valley with the objective of making the first ascent of Link Sar via the East Face. The team opted to fly initially Read more
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Zackenberg River Catchment

Ref: 19/35
July - August 2019
Dr Emily Stevenson and Dr Mel Murphy
<p>In the summer of 2019, Dr Stevenson and Dr Murphy undertook three weeks of fieldwork in the Zackenberg River Catchment to determine the impact of increased physical erosion on carbon dioxide (CO2) Read more
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Greenland Sail to Climb 2019

Ref: 19/26
May - September 2019
Gabriel Clarke, James Steevenson, Sam Nunn, Henry Francis, Mark Harris and Oscar Van Simina
<p>After 3 years of planning, the expedition set sail from the UK to Greenland, aiming to explore north of Nuuk as far as Uummannaq Fjord and establish new routes along the coast as they went. After p Read more