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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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NZ Ancohuma/llampu NE Cordillera Real

Ref: 04/29
July - August 2004
Erik Monasterio with Mike Brown
<p>These NZ climbers planned to climb new routes on Ilampu (6,384m) and Ancohuma (6,427m), but due to 2004 being an extremely dry year in Bolivia, all the big 'mixed' walls were bare and exposed to ro Read more
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University College London Quimsa Cruz, Bolivia 2004

Ref: 04/27
June - July 2004
Sarah Griffin with Jingwen Chen, Matthew Frear, Tim Moss, Ted Saunders and John Tomlinson
<p>Although the southern part of the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz has become popular with climbers in recent years, information about their ascents is confused: several 'first ascents' may have been claimed Read more
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British Aguilera 2004

Ref: 04/17
October - November 2004
David Hillebrandt with Chris Smith
<p>British explorers are nothing if not determined: ever since reading of an isolated peak on the Wilcox Peninsula of Chilean Patagonia spotted by Tilman in 1957, Hillebrandt has been hoping to make i Read more
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Blanca 2004

Ref: 04/16
June -July 2004
Tony Barton with Nick Carter, Mike Pescod and Owen Samuel
<p>The Cordillera Blanca of Peru is one of the most popular areas of the Andes chain, but still offers scope for keen explorers. This team set out with several objectives in mind in the Quebradas Sant Read more
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Chacraraju East

Ref: 04/09
June - July 2004
Nick Bullock initially with Al Powell, then with Adam Kovacs from Sweden
<p>The original plan of this expedition was to make the first ascent of the E face of Chacraraju East (6,001m) in the Cordillera Blanca. However, on arriving in Peru, they learned that the route had a Read more
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Return to Cerro Torre (Maestri-:f:gger) Feb 2004

Ref: 04/06
February - March 2004
Leo Houlding with Kevin Thaw plus Cedar Wright from USA
<p>Whether Maestri and Egger did climb Cerro Torre (3,102m) in 1959 is a question that continues to haunt climbers, and this was yet another team hoping to find the answer. However, with warmer than u Read more
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'Four Go Free' Fitzroy E Face

Ref: 04/02
November 2003 - January 2004
Mike 'Twid' Turner with Steve Mayer, Stuart McAleese and Louise Thomas
<p>Despite previous experience of Patagonian weather, this team of stalwarts returned hoping to make the first ascent of a 1,300m free climb on the massive east face of Cerro Fitzroy (3,405m), which t Read more
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'Free Knowledge'

May - June 2004
Ian Parnell with John Varco from USA
<p>This team had two objectives in mind when they headed for Alaska: to make the first free ascent of 'The Knowledge' on the N buttess of Mt Hunter (4,437m), and then to climb a new route on the SE fa Read more
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British Mount Kennedy NW Face 2004

May 2004
Rich Cross with Jon Bracey
<p>Mt Kennedy (4,234m) is a beautiful mountain in the Yukon, with Himalayan sized walls and ridges. Although Jack Tackle and Jack Roberts attempted its 1,800m north-west face in 1995, they had to abor Read more
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British Bradley 2004

March - April 2004
Sam Chinnery with Andy Sharpe
<p>The south face of Mt Bradley (2,775m) is very steep granite rising from the Ruth glacier. So far, the only winter route on it is 'The Gift' put up by Mark Twight in March 1998 - acknowledged as one Read more