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The following notes summarise reports from the supported expeditions from 2009 to 2019. Reports can be refined by geographical area and purpose.

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Hindu Kush

Ref: 12/01
January 2012
James Bingham with Eddie Bingham, Quentin Brooksbank and Mark Wynne
<p>Mir Samir is a 6059m peak on the Afghan border with Nuristan that Eric Newby and his companion (both inexperienced mountaineers) set out to climb in 1956, a trip described in ‘A Short Walk in the H Read more
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Fersmana III

Ref: 11/14
July - August 2011
Gareth Mottram with Charlie Evans and Edward Lemon (UK) plus Hannes Granberg from Sweden (SE)
<p>This was a follow-up to an expedition in 2009 [reference 09/27] which was dropped off 25km short of the intended spot in the central part of the Western Kokshaal-too., and thus forced to waste valu Read more
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Kyrgyz Djangart

Ref: 11/17
July - August 2011
Richard Tremellen with Alex Brighton (UK)
<p>The Djangart region is a sub-range of the Tien Shan in Kyrgyzstan, midway between Inylchek Glacier and the Western Kokshaal-Too, and has a number of unclimbed peaks c 5000m. This team hoped to clim Read more
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Tajikistan & Afghanistan First Ascents

Ref: 11/18
July - September 2011
Becky Coles with James Kitson (also Mark Redhead in Tajikistan only)
<p>Strictly speaking, this was two expeditions running back to back. The first part was in Tajikistan, where the team hoped to make the first ascent of the last unclimbed 6000m peak in the little visi Read more
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Women’s Wakhan Corridor

Ref: 11/22
July - August 2011
Ms Pat Deavoll with Ms Chris Byrch
<p>Koh-e-Baba-Tangi (aka Jade Peak, 6516m) is the highest point in the eastern sector of the Afghan Hindu Kush, and was first climbed in 1963 by an Italian team via its West Ridge: all subsequent atte Read more
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N Wales Western Kokshaal-Too (Kyrgyzstan)

Ref: 10/10
August - September 2010
Matt Stygall and Dave Rudkin
<p>This team visited the Fersmana Glacier in the Western Kokshaal-Too region of the Tien Shan with the intention of exploring and hopefully climbing Pic Byeliy (aka Grand Poohbah, 5697m) and possibly Read more
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British Torugart-Too (Kyrgyzstan)

Ref: 10/21
August - September 2010
Sam Leach with James Monypenny & Tom Nichols
<p>The Torugart-Too range in SE Kyrgyzstan had attracted few expeditions in the past, so gave this team plenty of scope for exploration and first ascents. In this they were successful, making the firs Read more
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Untouched: First ascents in the Djangart (Kyrgyzstan)

Ref: 10/16
July - August 2010
Matt Traver with Dan Clark & Jamie Maddison from UK plus Chris Parenteau & Mike Royer from USA
<p>The Djangart region of Kyrgyzstan’s Kokshaal-Too range has seen little activity from western mountaineers, so seemed an ideal venue for an exploratory expedition. Prior to departure, the team ident Read more
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Scottish Wakhan

Ref: 10/15
July - August 2010
Alan Halewood and Neal Gwynne
<p>Much of Afghanistan is ravaged by war, but the eastern end of the Wakhan Corridor (‘Little Pamir’) is not affected so is relatively safe, and although it is understood that a Polish climber recentl Read more
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Western Kokshaal-Too

Ref: 09/08
August - September 2009
Carl Reilly with Tom Bide, Dave Gladwin, Graeme Schofield and Tom Stewart plus Urpu Hapouja from Finland
<p>The main aim of this team visiting Kyrgyzstan was to make the first ascent of the North Ridge of Kizil Asker (5842m). After meeting in Bishkek they spent a few days acclimatising in the Ala-Archa N Read more